Zero/6th Period Nutrition

We NEED your help to build up our team!

Volunteer - Donate

This year, we are reaching out for help to feed our Zero and 6th Period players who participate in the football training program:

  • 110 players (approximately)
  • 2 times per week (Tuesday/Thursday)
  • 18 weeks of training

"This is a huge part of our success as a team!" 

- Coach Michael Calahan

Please consider donation cash in lieu of food donations to supplement our Nutrition Progam. Donations are in $10 increments, but any dollar amount helps us reach our goal of building strength during our "off-season." 

2020 Nutrition Donation Zero/6th

  • Thank you for your donation to Wolverine Football Club!! Please keep this reciept for your records. Tax ID #33-0653372.