Wolverine Football Club (WFC)


"The Wolverine Football Club is a non-profit volunteer organization whose purpose is to promote and enhance the ANHS Wolverine football program through responsibly raising and managing funds, coordinating effective team-building activities, and supporting all players’ growth and development.

By supporting the WFC with a Booster Membership, Donations & Volunteering you are helping to keep football at Aliso Niguel High School.

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2020 WFC Officers


Triss Chesney - President

Communications Coordinator


Nikki Jarvis – Vice President

 Events Coordinator


Becki Procsal – Treasurer


 Paddy Armstrong – Secretary


Pre-Game Meals Coordinator

Sheri Langerman– Member at Large

  Booster Membership Coordinator

Game Day Programs- Prize Coordinator

 Pam Ellis – Member at Large

 Fundraising Coordinator

Football Nutriton Coordinator


Michelle Snider - Member at Large

Snack bar Coordinator

Treasurer Support


Jen Klenske– Member at Large

Spirit wear & Player Gear Coordinator

Cheer Liaison


 Jaclyn Smith –Member at Large

Volunteer Coordinator

OPEN  Position-Member at Large  


OPEN Position -Member at Large 

Key Volunteers

Ed Flanigan -Band Liaison

Mike Harrison - Field Coordinator


Patty Hovey - Varsity Team Coordinator  Senior Banners , Senior Photo Book

Advertising & Sponsorship 

Michelle Billings - Advertising & Sponsorship Support

Monica Garcia-Advertising ,Sponsorship & Fundraising Coordinator Support

Kristen LaMarche - Advertising & Sponsorship Support

2020 WFC Board of Directors Calendar

2020 WFC Budget

2020 WFC Booster Club Members 

  • Paddy Armstrong

  • Bill Armstrong

  • Triss Chesney

  • Mike Chesney

  • Sheri Langerman

  • Jaclyn Smith

  • Pam Ellis

  • Jennifer Klenske

  • Becki Procsal

  • Patty Hovey

  • Jonny Wolf

  • Jennica Wolf

  • Michelle Bannigan

  • Raechl Kynor

  • Nikki Jarvis

  • Rodney Besuzzi

  • Noel Besuzzi

  • Ed Flanigan

  • Melissa Biebel

  • Debbie Nobles

  • Don Reiner

  • Molly Marini

  • Rosanna McClanahan

  • Jen Horner

  • Ken Newcomb

  • Ronald Both

  • Michelle Snider

  • Paul Procsal

  • Yolette Martinez

  • Daren Lauda

  • Gregory Nathanson

  • Nicole Nathanson

  • Michael Harrison

  • Joana Harrison

  • Michelle Billings

  • Lauren Mack

We are still in need of KEY Volunteers to fill open positions

 We CAN'T Do it without YOU!!

For more information please contact boosters@alisoniguelfootball.com

Wolverine Football

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