2020* WFC Booster

Club Members 

  • Paddy Armstrong

  • Bill Armstrong

  • Triss Chesney

  • Mike Chesney

  • Sheri Langerman

  • Jaclyn Smith

  • Pam Ellis

  • Jennifer Klenske

  • Becki Procsal

  • Patty Hovey

  • Jennica Wolf

  • Michelle Bannigan

  • Raechl Kynor

  • Nikki Jarvis

  • Rodney Besuzzi

  • Noel Besuzzi

  • Ed Flanigan

  • Melissa Biebel

  • Debbie Nobles

  • Don Reiner

  • Molly Marini

  • Rosanna McClanahan

  • Troy Yamaguchi

  • Jen Horner

  • Ken Newcomb

  • Ronald Both

  • Michelle Snider

  • Paul Procsal

  • Yolette Martinez

  • Daren Lauda

  • Gregory Nathanson

  • Nicole Nathanson

  • Michael Harrison

  • Michelle Billings

  • Lauren Mack

  • Kristin LaMarche

  • Todd Schafer

  • Eric Yamaguchi

  • Christina Ward

  • Nicol Romaldo

  • Monica Garcia

  • Cameron Rossman

  • Jon Eldridge

  • Alicia Eldridge

  • Roberta Mann

  • Matt Klenske

2020 Booster Membership has been extended to the end of the delayed 2020 Football Season. 2021 Booster Membership will commence following the completion of the delayed 2020 Fall Season in April.  

2021 WFC

Booster Club BOD

President--Triss Chesney

Vice President--Nikki Jarvis

Treasurer--Becki Procsal

Secretary-Ken Newcomb

Booster Membership Coordinator

Monica Garcia

Communications Coordinator

Triss Chesney

Event Coordinator

Nikki Jarvis

Fundraising Coordinator

Gregory Nathanson

Player Gear/Sprit Wear Coordinator

Jen Klenske

Snack Bar Coordinator

Michelle Snider

2021 Booster Information


Key Volunteers

Advertising & Sponsorship

Kristin LaMarche

Band Liaison

Ed Flanigan

Field Coordinator

Gregory Nathanson

Football Nutrition Coordinator

Monica Garcia

Game Day Nutrition

Michelle Billings

Game Day Program


Pep Squad Liason

Jen Klenske

Social Media Coordinator

Nikki Jarvis

Varisty Team Coordinator 

Nikki Jarvis

JV Team Coordinator

Cameron Rossman

Freshman Team Coordinator

Cameron Rossman

We are looking for "KEY VOLUNTEERS" for the 2021 Season. There are still positions that need to be filled. Have questions? Reach out to us at boosters@alisoniguelfootball.com

Thank you to our 2021 Sponsors for supporting Wolverine Football

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