Make your FULL Donation in installments. Football is a full year program and your Tax Deductible Donation helps make this program possible. If you're unable to make a FULL donation all at once, then this is perfect for you!  A payment schedule allows you to be able to support your player and their team throughout the season.  When you check out please make sure you enter your player's FULL NAME, GRADE (Fall 2020). If you need to personalize your payment amounts and/or dates, please contact our WFC Treasurer, Becki Procsal, at, who can assist you with an individualized payment plan


            First Payment = $200--At time of set up

            2nd Payment = $200--June 15, 2020

            3rd Payment = $200--July 15, 2020

            4th Payment = $200--August 15, 2020


Thank you for supporting Wolverine football. Your tax deductible donation is appreciated.

Wolverine Football Club – FTID#33-0653372


Have additional questions? Please email us at

2020 Monthly Player Donation

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