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WFC 2020

Bod Elections

Voting is NOW Open for the WFC 2020 BoD

VOTING Instructions for WFC Booster Members​

  • We must reach quorum of 51% of al WFC Booster Members by 12/6/19

  • Only 1 ballot will be accepted by each Booster Member

  • In the case of a duplicate submission, the first ballot received will be used for tally purposes.

  • In the case of a ballot being received by a non-paid booster member, the ballot cannot be accepted.

  • If you are not a paid 2019 WFC Booster member and would like to vote, you can do so by going to                        and purchasing a membership for the 2019 season.

Thank you for your membership and ballot!!

Tara Adair

Simon Akhaven

Bill Armstrong

Paddy Armstrong

Aaron Baker

Tiffany Baker

Carter Beaton

Angela Bentley

Stacy Betts

Travis Biebel

Bryan Billings

Michelle Billings

Elise Burke

Gabriela Bundle

Charlene Callahan

Sarah Card

Jeff Carducci

Susan Carducci

Dave Harrington

Joana Harrison

Michelle Helmuth

Ann Hirakawa

Jennifer Horner

Joe Horner

Brian Hovey

Patricia Hovey

Stephen Hutchinson

Nikki Jarvis

Chris Johnson

J.J. Jones

Dareon Keetch

Sandi Keetch

Jennifer Klenske

Matt Klenske

Zara Kyckelhahn

Bret Snider

Michelle Snider

Ray Stein

Paul Stephan

Brigitte Sudyka

Scott Sudyka

Elizabeth Thomas

Kyle Vestermark

Kristena Weedman

Tad Weedman

Joel Weiler

Melissa Weiler

Jennica Wolf

Jonathan Wolf

Eric Yamaguchi

Troy Yamaguchi

Jay Orrill

Flora Perera

Jeff Peterson

Kalyn Peterson

Cheryl Plosker

Scott Plosker

Becki Procsal

Paul Procsal

Desiree Reed

Don Reiner

Nichol Romaldo

Paula Rosenzweig

Edward Routh

Christine Salas

Jaclyn Smith

Kyle Smith

Anna Snider

Mike Chesney

Triss Chesney

Michele Christner

Jay Claxton

Cheryl Crane

Christine Dickson

Christopher Downs

Alicia Eldridge

Jonathan Eldridge

Pam Ellis

Robert Fitzer

Ed Flanigan

Henry Fong

Kelli Gardner

Jessica Giacomini

Alexander Gill

Sandy Goldberg

Kari Mahaffey

Scott Mahaffey

Kristin La Marche

Philip La Marche

Sheri Langerman

Daren Lauda

Rochelle Lauda

Jennifer Maas

Frank Marini

Molly Marini

Kelly McIntosh

Chari Morrow

Christopher Mosher

Linda Mosher

Gregory Nathanson

Nicole Nathanson

Amy Nepi

2019 WFC Booster Club Members 


Now Available

Freshmen Banquet 12/9/19

JV/Varsity Banquet 12/15/19

Football Mania Weekly Winners

Week #10

Nilsa Cruz = $50

Dylan Newman = $25

Congratulations to all our winners!!

Thank you for supporting

Wolverine Football

Your prize money will be sent via check.

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Booster Board Meetings

11/18/19 @ 6:30 pm

ANHS Conference Room

12/9/19 Annual General

Board Meeting @ 6:30 pm

ANHS Conference Room


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